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Are you a home owner or real estate investor that is desperate for a loan? Have you been turned down by the banks?


We can help.


The secret to obtaining capital lies in using the write broker. If you are New York City based, give us a call. We wont charge you a fee or make you fill out application fees. We won’t ask you intrusive questions or waste your time.


We are not bankers. We are brokers.

Bridge Loans are especially suited when traditional bank options are not viable. These include cases where

·         A short term loan is more advantageous than a long term loan

·         You are dealing with a Short Sale.

·         Cash is needed for reinvestment purposes.

·         You were rejected by your bank.

·         You require a bridge loan until you can secure permanent funding.

·         Commercial property flipping requires a fast approval.

A foreclosure investment opportunity that is time sensitive

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