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Traditional banks are oftentimes a less desirous route to take especially for short-term, bad credit or bridge loans. Banks are notoriously bureaucratic. The process tends to be drawn out and credit scores are overly stressed. Clients are hit with unaccepted fees and the process can be humiliating. This is particularly true when dealing with unconventional loans.

Brokers with inside knowledge of the industry are vital to the bridge loan and shorter-term loan industries. Funding that would be otherwise inaccessible or offered at a premium can be secured in record time without penalties or fees.  

At BridgeLoans Brooklyn we focus on client needs. These may include

·         Quick deadlines

·         Low credit scores

·         High risk loans

·         Bank Rejections

·         Foreclosures

·         Bankruptcy

·         Bail outs


Loan sizes range from under $100,000 to over $100 million. We offer fast funding, especially for non-complex loans. Our applications are short. We are not fee based.


We secure funding for residential and commercial acquisitions, rehabs, new construction, renovations, cash outs, and more. We do not require applications and appraisals nor are there upfront fees. Loans can be secured in under 14 business days and in some cases as few as 5 days.


Funding from Bridge Loans Brooklyn is an invaluable resource.  


We are NYC based but not limited to a specific geographic area. 

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